Tips for non profit fundraising that can help you beat your goals

When it comes to nonprofit fundraising, there are many ways you can beat your goals. Especially if you try something new, avoid the same things everyone else is doing and pull in enough volunteers to help.


Increase volunteer numbers — One of the biggest mistakes non profits make when it comes to fundraising is to try to raise all the money via the work of staff members. In most cases, however, non profits are understaffed and cannot possibly raise all the money by themselves.


This is why recruiting as many volunteers as you possibly can is so important. After all, if you can delegate some of your fundraising work to volunteers that know what they are doing, you can often raise the money you need without any staff expenses at all.


Just make sure you either recruit volunteers that already have extensive fundraising experience, or those that are intelligent and are able to quickly learn.


Delegate fundraising tasks — Whether you are writing grant proposals, organizing a silent auction or a fun run, or sending appeal letters to major donors, there are volunteers out there that can help.


Staff members that may not be directly involved in these tasks can also often do the fundraising work you do not have time to do. You must delegate to these people, however, in order to get the work done.


If you are not very good at delegating, start with small tasks that would free you up to start work on the bigger tasks. Whether this is proofreading a major donor campaign appeal letter, calling potential donors to ask for item donations for an auction or choosing a menu for a special event.


Delegate these tasks to volunteers or staff members with experience, and move onto the even more important things yourself.


Take risks — While you do not want to take huge risks when it comes to non profit fundraising, there are still often risks you can take that would not be too catastrophic if they failed. In other words, move away from the safe fundraising path and try something new.


Contact potential donors you would never have asked before, because you felt they would never donate. Decide on a goal for a special event that is higher than you have ever raised before, and then figure out a way to raise it. Ask major donors for larger donations than you have in the past, and you may be surprised when they gladly give them to you.


A unique special event — If you have always run a silent auction, a fun run or a fashion show, look at creating a completely unique special event instead. Something donors may not immediately connect with your organization, or may not believe it is something they would like.


When you do, you may just find you raise more money easier than before and you sell more tickets. After all, people do get tired of coming to the same events every year, so creating a new one is likely to increase your donor’s interest.