The Best Way To Create A Unique And Amazing Business Card

The Business Card Information

The business card is often the first contact a customer has with the company. The card should be unique, distinctive and appealing. The card may display the name of the company, the logo, the name of the individual and their job title. The phone number, company name, email and website are critical. Enough information should be included for the benefit of the business without the card becoming cluttered and difficult to read.

The Colors

Bright colors will make a card stand out if done tastefully. This makes the card appear unique, exciting and fresh. If there are specific colors associated with the business these will work well for the card. This includes the colors of the logo. The colors must be complimentary to one another. If they clash the card will look unprofessional and tacky. Depending on the business, a black and white design can be extremely stylish.

The Pictures

Using an image on the back of a business card makes the card more memorable. Most people will look at the back of the card. If it is simply white it will most likely immediately become just one more card among many in circulation. The image can be a company product, anything related to the business, the logo or even a photograph of the owner and their family. This will give the card a distinct and enticing flair.

The Embossing

Embossing adds life to a business card by creating a raised, 3D effect. This sense of style and elegance will appeal to the customers. The card will additionally be more tactile. This means the customers will remember the card much better.

The Thickness

The thickness of the card is very important. A thicker card has a more expensive feel and the business appears more professional. If the card is too thin it will feel cheap and tacky. A card is a lot like a handshake. It should be firm and not limp.

The Material

Many businesses are tempted to use an unusual material for their cards such as wood or metal. This may be memorable but it will prevent customers from writing anything on the card. Most customers will make notes and this is often what brings them back.

The Borders

A border is a bad idea for a business card. This is because no printing method is 100 percent accurate. A nice, symmetrical border may be a good idea in theory but it often turns out differently. The very slight movements made during printing can make the border lopsided. A much better option is a 3mm bleed around the border using the same color as the card. This will eliminate any irregularities. Some printers automatically take this step.

The Safety Zone

Most printers will recommend leaving a safe area in the middle of the card for the most important information. This will make certain it cannot be accidently cut off during printing.