Life insurance agents and brokers Perth

Definition of insurance broker

An insurance broker can be a person or an insurance company which solicits, sells and even negotiates insurance converges for compensation. Basically, insurance brokerage is mainly associated with all general insurance rather than life insurance. Insurance brokers offer coverages like car insurance, house insurance health insurance, family insurance among many others. The insurance brokers play a crucial role in protecting the lives and business of people. These companies are usually regulated by a government board to ensure the laws of the citizens are safeguarded.

Insurance Brokers in Perth, Australia

Strathearn Insurance Broker Perth

The company was founded in 1927 by Arthur J. Gallagher. The insurance company is one of the largest firms in the world insuring broking and risk management. It has more than 800 offices in more than 30 countries. The CEO of the firm is J. Patrick Gallagher who is a grandson of the founder. He doubles as the Global chairman and the President of the company.

The company is part of the local business communities present in Australia, and it is extended in almost all the states of the country. It has more than 25 branches just within the Australian territory. Strathearn Insurance Company is among the top and best insurance companies in Australia offering coverage services ranging from life to business coverages.

Knightcorp Insurance Brokers Perth

This is an insurance company which also has its bases in Perth. It is committed to providing clients with innovative and expert advice on how to service their insurance wants and needs. It is an insurance company which offers the following insurance covers, life insurance, business insurance, family insurance and life insurance. Knightcorp is equipped with professional staffs who are dedicated to providing you with quality services.

Life Insurance Perth

This is another insurance company which has its headquarters in Perth. It insures your family as it understands that your family comes firsts. Life Insurance Perth proves a range of life insurance packages which are affordable. It services are extended to the residents of Perth and entire Western Australia. It has experts who can guide you in the selection of the rights policy which suits your needs. Its services are available for both the married and the single ones, and it provided an actual financial security making a remarkable insurance company in the country. The following are the types of covers offered by the company: Life cover, funeral cover, trauma cover, TPD cover and income cover. You can read more on

  • Assisting you in the selection and arrangement of appropriate insurance packages and policies
  • Assisting you in arranging, interpreting and completing coverage documentation
  • Predicting and helping you in managing or reducing risks
  • Assisting insurance related services such as risk management reviews and premium funding reviews