How to find a job in the non-profit world in just a few steps

Finding non-profit jobs is not as difficult as you may think. Not if you follow these tips, and make job hunting your number one priority.

Get non-profit experience — While non-profit organizations will hire people without a non-profit background, most do prefer to hire someone that has worked in a non-profit organization before.

If you do not have this experience, do not worry, as it is quite easy to get some. Simply contact one or two of the non-profit agencies in your area offering services you are interested in and ask if you can volunteer there.

In many cases, just a few months of volunteer experience can help you at least get your foot in the door when it comes to getting an interview for a non-profit job.

Ask people who work in non-profit agencies — Jobs in the non-profit world are often filled from within. This means you should ask anyone you know that currently works in a non-profit agency, or has done so in the past, if they know of any job vacancies.

You may be surprised to find it is often easier to get an interview for one of these jobs as well. Especially if you are recommended by someone who works at the non-profit you would like to work at.

The Center for Non-Profit Management — The Center for Non Profit Management is a national organization that has local branches in many of America’s cities.

The organization helps non-profits and people that work in non-profits to become even more successful. It also has a job listing that lists many of the non-profit jobs available in agencies all over the country. Check out the website of the branch in your town, where you will usually find a job listing of all the available jobs in the area and how to apply for them.

Online non-profit job boards — There are several very good non-profit job boards online that you can search every day for new job listings.

non-profit job board also allows you to upload your resume and a photograph, and then apply for jobs directly through their website. Prospective employers also have a presence there, so do not be surprised if you are contacted by one after they have read your resume, and asked if you would like to have an interview.

Register with several of these boards, however, as they will often have listings of different jobs.

Register with several executive search firms — There are a number of very good executive search firms that place employees in non-profit jobs.

These are especially good places to register with, as they will often represent organizations that do not advertise for staff publicly. That means you will usually have less competition and, in many cases, the jobs that are filled through these firms are higher-level and pay more.

Again, just be sure to register with several of them, as they will all represent different non-profits, and you do not want to miss out on a job you could be perfectly suited for.