Are online quick loans worth the trouble?

Lending options

If you’re looking for a quick loan in the next day or two more than likely, you will have a high APR when paying that loan back. Online companies offer loans within a day or so in the amount of around $2000 up to $50,000. Your application will be based on your credit score. Often they are capped at 36%, so it’s a smart thing to do your research. Find out which companies offer quick loans within a day or so and how trustworthy is their business. You can find out more on this site:

What to look for

The first thing you should be looking at is the calculation of your estimated payments. This will tell you whether you can even afford to pay back the loan. It’s wise to use a personal loan calculator which are found online. Make sure you have all your data available when going to a lender looking for a quick personal loan. The faster they can identify your information the process goes more smoothly. It also doesn’t hurt to look at multiple lenders. You want to pick one that has a low rate for the entire loan term. Many online lenders will actually run what’s called a soft credit check to determine your rate but more than likely it will not affect your score.

Hidden Fees

The process of getting some emergency cash doesn’t seem difficult at all. However if you are living paycheck-to-paycheck a high-interest quick loan or payday loan may be your only option. Now that payday lenders are online it has created a new set of concerns for borrowers. The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau looked at 18 months of data during the year 2011 to 2012 and found there are serious consequences if you don’t pay your loan back. It’s noted that customer’s bank accounts can be damaged if they are not careful. Hidden fees come from the bank penalties and account closures.

Common Type of Borrowers

  • Renters
  • No four year college degree
  • Make less than $40,000 a year
  • Either divorced or separated

It’s also noted that the average borrower will take out eight loans of $375 and will spend $520 paying on the interest until the loan is paid off. However, there are benefits to quick loans. It can solve the problem when you need emergency cash. Your emergency could be a medical bill, car repair or an unexpected onetime expense. If you don’t manage your money well, then you can spiral out of control and never getting out of the cycle where a quick loan is building on interest.

Overall if you’re looking at getting a quick loan, the most important thing to do is your research. Everyone handles their finances so find a quick loan that works for you instead of ruining your entire life. Use it to only help you at a time when extra money is needed that you don’t currently have. If you are responsible and understand the terms of your loan and pay it back on time, you shouldn’t have any problems.